“Holz uses wit and insight to remind us of everyday complexities… This accurate depiction of the very real and never-ending battle between our intellectual and emotional selves is the core of Holz’s book. Cynthia Holz was praised for Onlyville (1994), her novel debut, for her ability to unveil the emotional textures and themes of our lives. The Other Side does this as well…” (The Globe and Mail, January 1998)


 “The Other Side succeeds on many levels. Holz takes risks… Trust her. This is a seriously comedic novel.” (Quill & Quire, December 1997)


“Holz mixes elements of edginess with some sharp humour. This is a book as much about memory and identity as it about crossing into the next world—either in life or death—and [Holz] spins some achingly poignant prose…” (Now, January 1998)


The Other Side is part comedic fantasy, part psychological investigation into grief, memory, spirituality and identity…” (The Toronto Star, December 1997)


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